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Boost your business growth in 2022

Running an Amazon store is difficult and you have to handle a lot of things at the same time. Whether it be customer inquiries, packing, shipping, marketing, or working on strategies to boost your business.

There is a lot to handle for Amazon sellers on the table and this is the reason why the success rate among Amazon sellers is less.

Major challenges of running an Amazon seller business:

  • Time Mismanagement
  • Improper research
  • Absence of a concrete marketing strategy
  • Not handling customer inquiries properly

Due to all these problems, the majority of Amazon sellers are not able to become successful. This is where Amazon automation comes in!

What is Amazon Automation?

Amazon automation refers to automating and outsourcing the majority of your task to an external party. This can be shipping, packaging, delivering, or handling marketing operations, customer inquiries, etc.

In this case, you would be paying a certain percentage of your profit or a fixed fee for Amazon automation services.

Amazon FBA Program

One of the most popular services is the Amazon FBA which is fulfilled by Amazon where your packaging, storing and delivering part of your business is handled by Amazon. Also, you get to leverage the already established infrastructure of the Amazon e-commerce system. Coming to the pricing part, you have to pay $0.99 for every sale. On the other hand, you can opt for the subscription model, where you pay $39.99 per month for the Amazon FBA program.

Third-Party Amazon Automation Services

The Amazon FBA program can be good for your business, especially when you are starting. However, if you have already established your business then you can opt for third-party Amazon automation services.

Here you can get better quotations for the services. Also, you get guidance from experts that can help you to grow your business further. There are different kinds of third-party Amazon automation services that you can choose including marketing, delivery, etc. Here you can automate the processes that you find most difficult to handle, and this will help you to boost your business.

Subtle Case of Amazon Automation: Why You Should Opt for it?

Amazon automation will help you to boost your business and increase your profits. Well, the answer is simple, once you sign up for Amazon automation, then you put your money to work.

To help you achieve the success your business deserves, we at PushAMZ give our best to ensure that your Amazon seller business grows.

We are a full-service Amazon seller store managementcompany with our own proprietary Amazon automation formula to provide steady sales and growth for your business.

We make 3 promises:

  • Clear Communication.
  • Absolute Accountability.
  • Integrity


We do all the heavy lifting for you! We build your Amazon automation ready-made for generating revenue. We take care of everything including product listings, make supplier relations, research and make pricing strategies, facilitate returns, identify risk factors, and send real-time reports to all our customers. We take pride in helping our investors and treat them as our partners.

Do the best thing for yourself: Get a free Strategy Session with PushAMZ

Now, these are some of the benefits of Amazon automation that will help you to grow your Amazon seller business.

Despite all the benefits, We know that there would be many questions that might come to your mind such as how does it work, or what do you have to do?

To help you with this, we will help you with a session with a free PushAMZ strategy session for you and your business.

We are PushAMZ, We Deliver Results!