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The “Boat” Passive Income Strategy as a Way to Succeed with E-commerce Automation.

Using the “Boat” passive income opportunity to grow your business

Are there still good investment opportunities available?

And I mean a 100% strategy to turn ecommerce automation into passive income.

We’re not talking about real estate here. We all know that’s not “passive.”

Well, when talking about “opportunities” we always use this Warren Buffet concept.

And that is: “It’s not how hard you row, it’s the boat you’re in.”

That means all the possible efforts you can put into an e-commerce automation opportunity will never out-compete the “goldness” of the opportunity itself.

Simply put…

There are good and bad opportunities and no matter how hard you row, the best boat will always out-compete the other boats even without any effort in rowing.

And this is exactly what our founder, Chase Alley and Luis Millan experienced back in 2015/16 when we decided to try the “holy” and up-and-coming Shopify dropshipping model.

We rowed hard in that boat and well…

It wasn’t the “golden” boat.


Long story short if you see anyone flaunting their $1M in Shopify store sales…be absolutely sure they spent $1,1M on ads.

So we immediately deviated from Shopify and implemented that same e-commerce automation dropshipping model on the Amazon and Walmart dropshipping models…

…And voilà we were ABSOLUTELY crushing it.

We realized that was the “golden” boat — e-commerce automation.

I don’t even need to throw numbers at you, the E-commerce BOOM is UNDENIABLE.

Look, after 12 years in this space let me tell you we found the “golden” boat…

And there’s absolutely no need to row hard since we do all the work.

I’m sure you wanna learn more.

So CLICK HERE to see how business owners like you have decided to get on the Amazon “golden” boat to make thousands per month of passive income.

We can’t wait to make you money while you’re doing nothing.

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