Luis Millan
Co-founder, Chief Operating Officer

Luis Millan has an extensive background in technology (software and hardware), IT, and high level operational management. After Chase and Luis sold their first business when Luis was only 22 years old, Luis went on to manage 50 employees for another company in the technology sector. His aggressive sales focus, and operational efficiency led the company to the highest sales it had seen in it's history in the central Florida market while maintaining quality of service and margin. It was during this time that Luis began researching products and dropshipping methodologies, Shopify, and Amazon selling strategies. He would research products and sell them on his e-commerce platforms. He quickly gained success and began to automate processes. Once he felt that he had a scalable model and had his own set of clients, he called Chase to see if he wanted to offer the e-commerce "management model" to his international colleagues, friends and family. Chase agreed, and together they built the company to more than 70 accounts by referral only. Luis has been instrumental in "putting the right people in the right places" and developing operational excellence. Luis monitors the success of all accounts and Push AMZ's staff of more than 70 people report to him. Luis checks key performance indicators and account metrics daily.

Mac Ismail
Co-founder, Chairman & Head of International Development

Mac has an illustrious entrepreneurial career. Living and residing in Australia he has several successful companies that operate between Australia, United States, China, and the GCC region. His proven track record in international business, and innovative approach have brought Push AMZ the ingredients it needs in managing various overseas contractors, suppliers, and new accounts that sell with Push AMZ on US soils from other countries. Mac has owned and operated various factories in China that support his electrical services business in Australia that he now sits on the board of. Mac met Chase in China in 2012 and together they have had engaged in several contracts, trading deals between the US, Australia, Carribean, and GCC, and have assisted Luis with developing the Push AMZ infrastructure and investment model. Mac heads up all international development for Push AMZ and serves as Chairman of the board. He is engaged in daily operations as well. Do not let the board idea confuse you!

Jonathan Maxim
MBA, Co-founder, Chief Marketing Officer & Head of Growth

Jonathan Maxim has worked on over 150 e-commerce campaigns, has worked for Universal Music Group, assisted TikTok at their start, Xfinity, and Monster Energy to name a few. Jonathan has a proven track record for account growth with creative strategy, implementation, and leadership. Whether it is a white label product that needs to be brought to market and growth-hacked, or coming up with operational solutions that ensure a streamlined customer experience, Jon has it covered. Jon assists Push AMZ with sales operations, marketing, and Push AMZ's product offering development.

Steven Shao
Director of China Operations

Steven heads up all China Push AMZ operations with an office of 10 people under his management. Steven Shao graduated from the University of Shenzhen (where the Apple iPhone is made - the electronics manufacturing center of the world) and immediately began working in the consumer electronics manufacturing business while his wife worked for Apple. They have supported Chase's distribution in years passed and now head up all China operations for Push AMZ including FBA product sourcing, factory vetting, contract terms negotiations, quality control, and shipping cost control. Steven's consistency, professionalism, work ethic, and character have earned him his stripes.