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Rising MMA Star Gaston Bolaños Embraces Amazon Automation with Team PushAMZ.

Gaston Bolaños

Taking down opponents. Knocking out profits.

Native Peruvian, Gaston Bolaños (28), currently hailing from Dublin, California, now has PushAMZ in his corner after signing on with the best Amazon automation company at launching and managing operations for his new Amazon seller store.

Gaston is a rising MMA star, with a 5-3-0 record leading up to his upcoming fight in the featherweight division, set to take place in San Jose, California, on Friday, April 15, at 7 p.m. EST. Online Magazine, Tapology, has Bolaños currently ranked as the favorite, with a 65% chance of taking down Bell.

Says, Bolaños: “In the ring, I stand alone against my opponent, and I leave everything on the mat to dominate every fight. As a new Amazon seller store owner, I have the pleasure and good fortune to be fighting alongside PushAMZ, the best in the e-Commerce business at creating and operating Amazon stores from the ground up. They do the heavy training and throw all the punches. All I have to do is sit back, knowing they’ll deliver the same performance and profits for me that they have for their vast portfolio of other successful investor store owners.”

Here’s why Gaston Bolaños is a serious contender:

Gaston “The Dreamkiller” Bolaños is a triple threat when it comes to his lethal approach. Not only does he have a mixed martial arts background, but he’s also both a professional Muay Thai fighter and kickboxer. Since childhood, Gaston was a natural athlete with endless potential. Before long, he had developed a career in combat sports, especially after joining the prestigious Combat Sports Academy in Dublin, California. Since then, Gaston has quickly become one of the rising stars in MMA and kickboxing, in addition to his already accomplished resume in Muay Thai. Besides being a two-time “South American Muay Thai Champion,” he also owns the title of “United Stated Muay Thai Champion.” To expand his skills, the up-and-coming kickboxer entered the “Bellator MMA” arena, where he has won four out of five of his fights via knockout. His reputation has grown rapidly, making a name for himself by using his trademark “spinning elbow.” Although his MMA career has just begun, Gaston Bolaños is now in the same conversation as some of the most elite fighters in combat sports. Currently, he’s signed to “Bellator MMA” and “Lion Fight Promotions LLC.”

Gaston recently became one of PushAMZ’s latest investor-partners after hearing about the extensive benefits that come with owning an Amazon automation store. Gaston and our team clicked immediately and welcomed him into our growing roster of clients whom we treat like family. At first, he had all the typical questions concerning Amazon automation scam agencies and FBA stores as a marketable asset. But throughout the onboarding process, when we showed Gaston real performance metrics from actual stores that make upwards of 40% profits on a monthly basis, he jumped in the ring and hasn’t looked back.

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