What is an Amazon Automation Store?

What is an Amazon Automation Store?

If you have been active in the eCommerce industry or among Amazon sellers, then you must have heard about Amazon automation! In the following blog section, we are going to provide you with a quick overview of the whole topic and gain complete knowledge here!

What is Amazon Automation?

Amazon automation refers to automating the repetitive tasks of an Amazon seller business. Also, the business owner can automate inventory management, order management, product delivery, etc.

It resolves the problem of time management and critical business processes. Amazon sellers have a lot to manage & they have to grow their business online.

What is an Amazon automation store?

An Amazon automation store is an online eCommerce store where the Amazon seller has automated their business. However, less automation might depend on the seller’s business requirements.

How does this work? How can an Amazon seller automate their Amazon store?

As explained earlier, Amazon automation is all about automating the operations of Amazon sellers and how they make the most out of their business!

Coming to the execution part, there are two to do this:

  1. Use the Amazon FBA program: The Amazon FBA program is also known as fulfilled by Amazon, where the seller can outsource all delivery and product handling parts to Amazon. Amazon has a world-class infrastructure where they take care of everything from order management, order tracking, and shipping the order to the customer’s door. Also, Amazon will take care of all customer inquiries related to refunds, order deliveries, reschedules, etc. Coming to the fee part, there are two different models: first, you have to pay a fixed commission of $0.99 on every order. Otherwise, you can opt for the pro seller account, where you have to pay $39.99 as a fixed monthly fee.
  2. Third-party automation software/programs: If you find that the Amazon FBA program is not suitable for your business requirements, then there are different third-party solutions available as well! You can choose from different third-party automation software/programs that provide a huge variety of automation services. You can choose any service ranging from automation inventory management, marketing, etc. Many third-party agencies offer such services, and you have to consult with them to opt for the best Amazon automation service. Coming to the pricing part, it can cost you between $50 to $500 per month based on your requirements.


These are the two options available in the market! Now, the next question is should you consider Amazon automation as an Amazon seller?

Is Amazon automation worth it?


The straightforward answer to this would be yes! If you are an Amazon seller who is serious about growing their business, then you should automate your Amazon seller business.

To make this easier, let us look at some of the advantages of Amazon automation:

  • Saves time: Amazon automation allows you to save time from repetitive tasks that consume your time. This is wrong because as a business owner, the majority of your time must be spent on making strategies, adding new products, and doing effective marketing to grow your business instead of doing repetitive clerical tasks. Therefore, if you are working to grow your business, then you must consider Amazon automation!
  • Implementation: Amazon automation allows you to implement your strategies faster compared to the traditional way of running eCommerce businesses. Also, the third-party Amazon automation service providers provide consultations enabling you to work on the implementation of your strategies. You can also ask them to automate some of the tasks for you, which are not provided by the Amazon FBA program.
  • Building customer reputation: Amazon automation services provide you with the option to outsource your customer inquiry handling, and resolve any issues that the customer might have with your products. This will help you to build a good reputation among your customers, making your business trustworthy, which is important to achieve success in the long run.


Summing up – When should you consider Amazon Automation?

There are multiple benefits of implementing Amazon automation, but when should you consider implementing automation?

Now, which one should you choose: Amazon FBA or Third party solution?

If you are starting as an eCommerce seller, then you should opt for Amazon FBA because it will take care of the complete shipping and product handling part. If you have experience as an Amazon seller, then you can opt for a third-party solution.

Just list down all your requirements, and choose the one that suits you the best!