How Much does it Cost to Start Amazon Automation in 2022?

How Much does it Cost to Start Amazon Automation in 2022?

Are you starting with Amazon automation for your Amazon seller business?

If yes, then this is the right blog for you. Here we are going to share how much it cost to start Amazon automation in 2022. First of all, let us look at a quick definition of Amazon automation and how it is useful for your business.

Understanding Amazon automation: 

With Amazon automation, you can automate all your routine business tasks, workflows, etc. For example order entries, order fulfilment, chatbots, order inquiries, etc.

Automating all such tasks will allow you to save more time, and focus on growing your business. Put your time into important tasks such as demand planning, sales planning, promotional offers, etc.

Now that we have understood the concept of Amazon automation, let us address the real question:

How much does it cost to start Amazon automation?

The straightforward answer to this question would be that it depends!

To make this simple, let us look at the most popular ways:

Amazon FBA(Fulfilled By Amazon):

FBA also referred to as fulfilled by Amazon is a service offered by Amazon sellers to outsource their shipping to Amazon. With this service, Amazon takes care of picking, packaging and delivering their products to their customers. Also, Amazon handles all customer service inquiries related to product returns, refunds, etc.

It is ideal for eCommerce sellers who are starting in the industry because they get the opportunity to leverage the infrastructure developed by Amazon over the years. All the products are delivered on time, the Amazon brand is well known and there is a higher probability of making more sales.

Coming to the pricing, there are two different plans on offer i.e. individual account and professional seller account. 

Individual Account:

When you sign up for an individual account, then you have to pay a fixed price of $0.99 fee for every sold item. This account is suitable for eCommerce businesses that are starting in the industry and want to pay a fee based on your order count. However, if you are planning to sell in bigger quantities, then you must opt for the professional seller account.

Professional Seller account:

The professional seller account comes with a fixed subscription fee of $39.99/month. No extra fee would be charged during the month for deliveries. It is also ideal for Amazon stores that have multiple products and you do not want to spend too much on deliveries. The professional account fixes the cost of your deliveries, giving you more room to sell and maintain multiple products on your Amazon store.

Professional FBA accounts also come with a complete inventory of items to streamline your order management with regular feeds & reports to track progress. You will also get special features such as promotional listings on products, uploading your items in bulk, etc.


Third-party Amazon automation

If you do not want to go for the <a href=”” style=”text-decoration: none; color: #000000;”>Amazon FBA</a> program, then you can also choose from multiple third-party Amazon automation software/fulfillment programs. Let’s understand both of these:

  • Third-party Amazon fulfillment: It is similar to the Amazon FBA, where all the deliveries are handled by a third party. Everything including order pickup, order packaging and delivery is handled by a third party. Many of the third-party Amazon fulfillment programs provide detailed analytics with complete order insights. Also, many third-party fulfillment centers provide customer support services as well. Where they take care of all your customer inquiries related to returns, delivery, cancellations, etc.
  • Third-party software/tools: These are third-party software applications that you can integrate with your Amazon store to automate your Amazon store. For example, you can find many third-party tools for marketing, and order management & integrate the same with your Amazon store. Many third-party service providers bundle these tools with fulfillment solutions to put it as a complete package for automating your Amazon store.

Coming to the pricing of the third-party tools, then it might cost you between $50/month-$500/month depending on your requirement. You can also find different third-party service providers that provide you with custom quotes based on your requirement.

Choose the one that suits you!

This was our blog on Amazon store automation, you can choose the Amazon FBA or any third-party Amazon automation service. It all depends on your choice and requirements.

Make sure to do your calculations to ensure that your business stays profitable, and identify potential challenges as well!