How do I get dropshipping on Amazon?

How do I get dropshipping on Amazon?

Looking to start a dropshipping business with amazon?

If yes, then the following section has a lot of information for you! We are going to cover everything in detail about how you can start your amazon dropshipping business without any hassles.

What is the dropshipping business model? How do you start this with amazon?

Dropshipping is the business model, where an e-commerce seller does not have to worry about manufacturing, maintaining inventory & handling delivery to the customers. Both of these activities are taken care of by a third party.

Manufacturing, stocking, and doing fast delivery is crucial and costly! This is the reason why the majority of the new e-commerce sellers are not able to grow because of such challenges. But, this is when dropshipping comes in and provides you with the option to outsource these challenges to someone else.

This is where amazon FBA comes in! FBA stands for fulfilled by amazon, where the product inventory and delivery are taken care of by amazon. This allows you to leverage amazon’s delivery and maintenance infrastructure for your business by paying a small amount as a commission/fee.

Nobody likes slow delivery or a bad customer experience, this is why you can trust Amazon to deliver your products and maintain a good reputation in the market.

Here are some more benefits of the Amazon FBA program:

● As an FBA seller, you can sell your products to any part of the country/world without having stress about logistics, transportation, fees, etc. Amazon takes care of everything.
● People trust Amazon more than any other e-commerce platform, and it has gained the trust of people. This is the reason why people are more likely to buy from your amazon product page rather than your website.
● Amazon FBA helps you to save money because you do not have to worry about manufacturing or storing your product. You can use the saved money on marketing to boost your sales.
● There are multiple tools/plugins available that will help you to automate your business as an amazon seller. Using this you can save your time, and put your efforts toward building a successful business.

Now that we have explained the concept of dropshipping, Amazon FBA and its benefits. We are going to discuss the process to start an Amazon dropshipping business.

How do I get dropshipping on Amazon? – Here’s what you should do!

1. Register with an amazon seller account: You have to create an amazon seller account to start selling products on amazon. Just go to the amazon seller central page, here you can choose between an individual and professional seller account.
2. Register your business: To operate as a professional e-commerce seller on amazon, you upload all the documents to verify that your business complies with all the laws. It can be your trade registrations, tax documents, or company registration documents, depending on the business documents required!
3. Source your goods from a supplier: You have to find the supplier that can provide the best quality products. One of the biggest marketplaces is Aliexpress and its reputation as a wholesale seller for dropshipping businesses. You can go to the website to explore and find the right product that matches your requirements.
4. List your products on Amazon: Once you have a product from the supplier, then you have to register the same with amazon. To add your product. To add your product, then you can navigate to the inventory> add your product to create your product listing.
5. Start with the marketing of your amazon products: Once you set up your store and list all your products, then you have to focus on getting traffic on your products. You have to put constant efforts to market your brand on social media and other platforms to reach your target audience. One more thing that you can do is use Amazon PPC, which is the pay-per-click advertising program running on

Summing up

This was our complete blog regarding starting your dropshipping business on amazon. The process is easy, but one thing that we would recommend is to do your market research before listing your amazon store and make sure that you know your audience. The more your research about your audience, the better your chances for success would become!