The Big Question for Most Savvy Investors: Is Amazon Automation a Scam?

The Big Question for Most Savvy Investors: Is Amazon Automation a Scam?

Debunking the haters. Calling out the fakers.

OK, let’s get it straight: Amazon automation is a way to run and grow your Amazon business by delegating repetitive tasks to a management agency such as PushAMZ which specializes in proprietary software technology that runs the seller store for you. They walk you through the setup. They identify the fastest moving products and fill your store with items that turn while monitoring inventory availability within the Amazon system and targeting those products with margins that produce the most profit.

This can be done through the dropshipping model, or Amazon’s internal Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) program, both of which are completely managed by the agency that handles everything for you. They crunch the data, the numbers, and the policies, so you take a hands-off approach. By partnering with an expert such as PushAMZ, the leader in full-service Amazon and Walmart automation, it provides the investor with a hassle-free business that produces passive income without the seller store owner having to do much at all, except counting their money as it hits their bank account.

Sounds too good to be true, right? Even though it’s happening every day for investors who are earning revenues that require them to spend just a few hours a week with the agency to discuss account health metrics and ongoing recommendations to boost and scale their stores to even greater levels of profitability.

This is where the idea of a “scam” comes into play.

It’s a 100 percent dishonest scheme if one of these management agencies promises you one thing but delivers another. They’re the same scammers in any industry who perpetuate concerns of illegitimacy. If the company is disingenuous about their track record of performance and they trick you into investing in a store that doesn’t perform up to your expectations, they are the Amazon automation scam. They’re the ones who give credible full-service management companies like PushAMZ a bad name.

So, do your research and just weed out the Big Talkers that promise guaranteed returns and exaggerated ROI projections without showing you actual store results that substantiate their initial service offerings. If they don’t have an application process with rigorous qualification standards, and they take on any investor who is willing to sign on the dotted line and hand over the upfront setup fee, then they’re most likely the exact reason you even Googled, “Is Amazon automation a scam?

Trust in experience, results, and transparency:

If you work alongside a team of specialists like PushAMZ, you have a good shot at reaching the upper 6% of Amazon seller stores that earn more than $250K a month in sales — while spending less than 30 hours a week on their business. Not too shabby.

Why the managed seller store model might make sense for you:

  • Automation increases your efficiency
  • Automation reduces your error rate
  • Automation reduces your costs
  • Automation eliminates tedious tasks

What you must also consider:

  • Automation requires initial capital (approx $35K) for setup and launch
  • For FBA, you have to carry additional capital on hand to fund the inventory
  • Amazon imposes limitations on how fast you can scale your FBA business

But taken in aggregate, as an investment with upwards of 40% per/month in returns, the prospect of partnering with a full-service company like PushAMZ has minimal risk compared to those faker agencies who promise the world but produce peanuts.

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