If HE did it I don’t know why YOU can’t

If HE did it I don’t know why YOU can’t


See this picture?

Well, let me tell you one thing.

That pale dude didn’t get there by escalating the corporate ladder by working in his cubicle like a slave for 10 years straight.

That’s not how you get that kind of money.

  • Why 9-5s are not the way to get rich

9-5s are specifically engineered not to make you earn lots of money and trust me, I worked for Corporate America for a long time and I run off of it.

But yeah, that’s a story for another time, just know 9-5s are designed to make your boss rich and not YOU.

  • The real question is what in the hell that dude does for a living to get where he’s at?

Well, he has an automated Amazon store that makes him passive income every month.

Yep, you read it right.

And even in that precise moment when the picture was taken and he was having the time of his life…

…Even at that moment, he’s still making money in the background.

Or better, other people are making him money while he…well…he enjoys himself.

  • Now, what’s today’s message?


Today’s message is that we’re in 2022 and we have opportunities we never had in the past.

“Conventional” methods won’t make you rich or worse will only make you more vulnerable (e.g. recession will reap LOTS of people and their comfy 9-5),

What you have to do is take advantage of these opportunities and get yourself a piece of the pie too.

Anybody with a little investment could get an Amazon store built and managed for him.

That’s a recession-proof asset that will make you pretty good passive income within two months from the moment you buy.

And you won’t need to lift a finger, ZERO.


If that guy did it, why do you think you can’t?

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