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If Amazon Dropshipping Is Dead, How Come It Still Performs So Well for Some?

With the right Amazon seller store partner, Amazon dropshipping (known as FBM) is as relevant now as it’s even been.

Everyone talks about eCommerce and how IMMENSELY BIG it’s it has already grown.

They say the Amazon dropshipping wave has crested. Competition is too fierce. Margins have been squeezed too low. That’s what our competitors and a lot of market pundits keep repeating.

We believe what happened was, that when the going got tough, the weak wimped out and couldn’t cut it. The rush of inexperienced “Amazon dropshipping management agencies” didn’t have the technology and know-how to survive the subtle shifts in the margin, the fight for inventory, and the stampede of customers demanding the lowest prices.

But then why is it still working for tried-and-true Amazon seller store specialists like PushAMZ, who have withstood the last decade of eCommerce market fluctuations and always found ways to come up with solutions?

Because they put in the time. Fly-by-night-jump-on-the-bandwagon dabblers in the digital battlefield couldn’t withstand the pressure and didn’t have the proprietary formula, or the grit to figure out how to continue churning profits with Amazon dropshipping.

Bottom line: They got it wrong.

While everyone shifted to Crypto, NFTs, and other investments that are now suffering devastating downturns, eCommerce specialists like PushAMZ stuck to their original commitment to online shopping and have remained bullish on all Amazon and Walmart seller store models.


Because when the market weeds out the weak, only the strong remain.

And that’s where the opportunity lies.

Amazon dropshipping is still booming for us…with HUGE, HUGE room for expansion.

Here are some advantages to FBM so you can get the idea:

  • Since only 10% of the 2.5M Amazon sellers dropship, there’s plenty of room to grow.
  • FBM sellers can still offer 1 to 2-day shipping to their customers through Seller-Fulfilled Prime.
  • FBM sellers tend to get up and running on Amazon more quickly than FBA sellers — likely because they don’t have to wait for inventory to arrive at Amazon’s warehouses to make their first sale.
  • FBM sellers tend to have larger product catalogs than Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) sellers.

I think these are enough to give you the idea.

There’s a lot of meat left on the bone and plenty of edge that dropshipping has over most other NextGen investments.


Managing a store would not be ideal considering all of the stuff you got on your plate right now, right?

Well, imagine the only “work” you’d have to do would be watching the sales come in when you partner with a full-service Amazon and Walmart seller store management company that does the setup, scaling, and operations for you…

While you take all your time back to relax and take some of that work pressure off your shoulders.

Sounds like a pretty good deal.

Literally, people running the store for you with 12+ years of experience you can trust.

Not some youngster that could leave you hanging and run off to the next shiny object.

Amazon dropshipping is far from dead. In fact, it’s healthier than ever — if paired with an experienced company that handles all the hassles for you.

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