How Does Amazon Automation Really Work?

How Does Amazon Automation Really Work?

So here’s how it works…

You’ve probably heard the term Amazon automation.

But what does it mean specifically?

Well, in our case what we offer you is a managed model, which is different from automation.

We don’t like to call it automation because there’s nothing automated…

…We have real people with years of experience running and managing your store.

Then as far as the kind of model for your store we can go with two different routes.

Dropshipping, where we list the product but don’t have it physically in the warehouse, we just ship it whenever we receive the order.


Amazon FBA, where we buy the product beforehand and we ship it to Amazon who will take care of delivery and customer issues.

Both of them are extremely good and will serve you very well.


Aside from all the features and the logistics of it, what you have to know is that you’re literally buying a full business at a discount.

…You’re buying a high-end job and getting the salary of a high-end job.

…Without having to deal with any of the hassles related to starting a business from scratch or having to deliver if you had a high-end job.

All you have to do is commit and make the initial investment.

After that, we’ll deal with EVERYTHING ELSE for you.

Choosing the product, contacting the suppliers, listing, using one of the two models explained above, dealing with customer complaints etc…

…All these things will be OUR and our concern only.

You’ll just have to sit back, relax and wait for the passive income that your store can generate every single month.

So the only question left is…

Would you like to spend a day with your family and still make money in the background thanks to your store?

LEARN HERE how you could join other 200+ people in having an Amazon store built and managed for you that can make pure passive income every single month.