Amazon is BROKEN… These Numbers Don’t Make Any Sense

Amazon is BROKEN… These Numbers Don’t Make Any Sense

These numbers don’t make any sense…


In 2021: over 65,000 American sellers had over $100,000 in sales (up 10% year-over-year), more than 27,000 American sellers had over $500,000 in sales (up more than 10% year-over-year), and the number of American sellers that surpassed $1 million in sales grew by more than 15%.

75% of shoppers use Amazon to discover new products and brands.

52% of shoppers are more willing to buy an unfamiliar brand in Amazon’s store.

Ecommerce is a 5 Trillion dollar industry.

And there are still people considering crypto or stocks as good investments…

Crypto and stocks that with this recession are performing just like a blind man in a clay pigeon shooting competition.

We could go on and on and give you data and numbers but that’s not the point here…

The point is to make you understand how BIG this opportunity is here.

We mean, you know that Amazon is not going anywhere soon right?

It has the lowest prices on the market combined with the best customer service out there…how could it ever go out of business?

It’s slowly becoming the google of online shopping.

Each second, Amazon records $4,722. Each minute, those sales amount to $283,000. 

And in an hour, that averages more than $17 million.

Why look elsewhere when you have the assurance of investing in a safe and growing market?

Look at the economic conditions, other sectors are down, why invest in something uncertain?

Especially if you consider this is a PASSIVE investment and anybody could do it.

Anybody could get an automated Amazon store 100% built from scratch and managed for him making a passive income every month.

Passive income, blooming market, easily achievable for anyone…what are you waiting for?

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