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Amazon Automation Marketplace Forecast: What You Need to Know In 2022.

Break out the sunglasses and SPF. Lather up your product mixes and bask in the prospect of passive income. Because the forecast for current Amazon sellers, and those thinking about launching stores, is nothing but bright and sunshiny.

According to most industry experts in the e-commerce space, the projections all come down to one word: “Expansion.” In fact, ninety-five percent of Amazon seller stores plan to grow their businesses this year.

This means confidence is high, competition is fierce, and customers are increasingly flocking to the Amazon platform, making it the number one online retailer in the world. In fact, sixty-six percent of all consumers start their internet product searches on Amazon, a truly incredible figure that certifies its dominance of the digital marketplace.

So, how do sellers intend to grow their businesses? Here are the top 5 ways:

1. Launch new products (45%)
2. Optimize current product listings (43%)
3. Expand existing brand line with new products (43%)
4. Generate more ratings and reviews for products (39%)
5. Use social media, influencer marketing, or other off-Amazon marketing to amplify sales (39%)

But how will you compete on such a jam-packed platform?

You could go it alone as a mom-and-pop shop and battle it out with the 3,700 other sellers that open new shops on Amazon every day. Or you could join forces with a partner such PushAMZ which specializes in driving revenue and passive income through its proprietary formula and more than ten years of experience as a full-service seller store management company.

A lot of agencies call it Amazon automation. But that’s not our favorite term. Our staff of real people — not robots, or smoke-blowing scam artists — includes more than 200 e-commerce specialists with unparalleled expertise in building and optimizing stores from scratch. We do all the research. We do all the setup. We list the fastest moving products and continually update inventory to make sure your store keeps turning revenues with the right mix. We deliver data-backed pricing strategies, manage supplier relations, facilitate returns, identify and mitigate account risk factors — all while keeping you informed with regular account health analysis reports based on real-time performance metrics.

Sounds sweet, right? Too good to be true?

Lots of talk on the interwebs about Amazon automation as a sham. For some agencies that promise the moon but can barely get your store up and off the launch pad, that’s a legitimate fear. But before we focused our collective attention on the digital marketplace, and dedicated ourselves to mastering it, we were out there in China, at the factories, neck-deep in shipping boxes and containers, rolling our sleeves up and learning how the entire global supply chain operates and integrates. We are entrepreneurs and investors ourselves. These stores aren’t a commodity to us. They are your prized possessions, and we understand that our investor partners expect them to produce steady revenues and passive incomes. We get it. That’s why we don’t have to make the same grand promises that other big-talker agencies do. Our proof is in the profits.

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