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Advantages of Owning a Walmart Automation and Dropshipping Model.

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The Amazon seller store platform is crowded. Which makes it highly competitive. There are roughly 2.7 million Amazon seller stores in the U.S. compared to about 100,000 sellers on the Walmart Marketplace platform. Shoppers buy a whopping 4000 products every minute on Amazon. Compared to that volume, Walmart isn’t even close.

Because of the fierce amount of traffic, Amazon has implemented strict policies that limit both the short- and mid-term growth potential for stores on their platform. Violating their rules can lead to unwanted store suspensions that cause major headaches and pauses in profitability.

Amazon prefers slow, steady increases in revenue. It doesn’t want the already hectic platform to heat up too fast and create unfair advantages for new businesses over seasoned sellers that have earned operational credibility. In contrast, Walmart Marketplace has a far more relaxed approach and a lot fewer regulatory barriers when it comes to scalability. That means business owners with aggressive income projections for the Walmart platform don’t have to worry about all the hoops they have to jump through on Amazon.

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By partnering with a full-service seller store management company that specializes in Walmart automation, a store investor can rest easy and avoid all the burdensome hurdles that confront most startups. That’s because there are teams of experts at agencies such as PushAMZ that have launched and continue to operate hundreds of Amazon and Walmart eCom stores. That means budding entrepreneurs don’t have to endure the difficult trial and error phase. PushAMZ has already done the homework and aces that test on an ongoing basis.

Advantages of the Walmart automation dropshipping model:

  • Limited seller fees: merchants are not required to pay a referral fee unless a product is purchased. In contrast, Amazon charges sellers monthly fees, variable fees, as well as referral fees. Our specialists at PushAMZ take the necessary steps to eliminate any needless expenses that eat into margins.
  • Limitless product assortment: especially attractive to businesses that have a broad assortment of products, Walmart allows for unlimited SKUs. To benefit smaller stores, it doesn’t have any minimums either. With its vast experience merchandising ideal product mixes and pricing strategies for its investor clients, PushAMZ turns this fundamental difference into a major opportunity.
  • Design your own return policy: Walmart Marketplace gives sellers more autonomy over the terms and conditions of their return while still keeping their customers happy. This return policy must meet the criteria of any third-party companies (dropshippers) that are responsible for fulfillment and shipping. PushAMZ has that system dialed and crafts return policies for its accounts that provide synergy between its stores and their dropshipping resources.
  • Less competition: this one is a no-brainer. The Walmart automation market is ripe with untapped potential. Although the traffic on its platform is nowhere near as bumper-to-bumper as Amazon, the ability for your store to stand out and shine is immense. With more than 12 years of experience in the online shopping industry, PushAMZ has mastered its proprietary formula that will position new seller stores for success by using its Walmart automation expertise.

PushAMZ recommends that its clients consider opening a store on the Walmart Marketplace while the relaxed policies are still in effect. Also to capture some of the unrealized potentials that still exist before the crowds descend on the platform as they already have on Amazon. PushAMZ knows how to navigate that move and often advises its most qualified investors to launch stores on both to reap the rewards from each platform that have their own advantages.

The new frontier is Walmart Marketplace dropshipping. And PushAMZ is a pioneer that will lead its clients down that promising trail to proven profits.

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