We build and manage automated Amazon stores.

Passive income is our game,

PushAMZ is our name.

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Our focus is on creating passive income for our partners. Margin. We make money when the store makes money. Amazon is our expertise. Don't believe us? We'll show you.


We believe that communication is everything when it comes to our partnership. With decades of experience in partnerships, we focus on maintaining contact with our clients to ensure a successful, transparent relationship.


Accounts are monitored around the clock and team members are completely incentivized on productivity. This keeps everyone accountable to the primary goal of profitability.


This is the primary value that is woven into the fabric of all Push AMZ operations. Upon this foundation, all other company operations are build.

About Us

PushAmz is a full service Amazon seller store management company that focuses on the Push. PushAmz creates stores, builds listings, answers customer questions related to products on clients' stores, manages supplier relations, pricing, returns, and account risk factors. Our team is divided into specialized groups that focus on product research and pricing scenarios, product listings, Amazon store customer relationship management and account health metrics. Our team consists of 100 people. We manage heavily funded accounts of which are reaching over $500,000 in monthly turnover (gross sales). Our strategies and management have consistently delivered 15-30 percent margin on gross sales. We have various models to choose from depending on the level of capital our clients have to fund their store with.

How it Works

PushAmz is a full service Amazon seller store management company that focuses on the Push.

Amazon Seller Store Setup

Push AMZ becomes the store manager and sets up the entire store to perform. Client works with our team to get all legal documents and registrations complete to launch the store and begin listing products.

Product Listing and Account Seasoning

During this period, Push AMZ introduces clients' store to Amazon and begins to list products and slowly build sales volume and positive user ratings. A solid foundation of healthy account metrics is required to scale the account to higher sales volume and profitability.

Store Scaling and Ongoing Maintenance

After the initial "ramp-up" period, Push AMZ will then begin to introduce a wide array of products to the seller store and scale sales volume. With healthy account metrics the sky is the limit. Push AMZ continues to monitor account performance and has regular communication with client regarding sales volume capability and goals.

Actual Stores

Frequently Asked Questions

We are here to assist you in anyway possible. Below are some commonly-asked questions for PushAMZ client.

Dropshipping is the model where Push AMZ lists products that other merchants and wholsalers actually posess and ship to our buyers. Dropshipping is great because our clients (and ourselves) do not have the inventory costs that suppliers have. If a product does not sell, we don't have dead inventory as we never posessed it in the first place!
Amazon FBA stands for Fulfillment by Amazon. This is the business relationship established with Amazon that allows storage, and fulfillment of products purchased by third party sellers (such as our clients) from all of Amazon's fulfillment centers nationwide. All products that are stored and part of the FBA program are PRIME eligible.
Profits vary between the different models but we expect to see is 10%-30%.
You get paid based on the sales of the store. Amazon customers buy from your store that Push AMZ has build and listed products on. The finances are then placed into your Amazon Seller account balance. Push AMZ has no access to this balance and cannot make transfers. We invoice for our management fee after all profits are calculated at the end of the month.
You need to do nothing after initial company setup is complete. Sit back, relax, and let the team at Push AMZ list and sell products. We manage everything.


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